Sunday, 30 August 2015

I know I'm not the only one.

How I always hope my day will go:

7.30am: Get up, get ready.
8.00: Drive to house of person who I car pool with, train hawk while he gets ready.
8.30: Leave for uni.
9.00: Arrive at uni. Work on PhD all day with an hour for lunch and 10 min breaks between hours.
5pm: Leave uni, tired and satisfied.
5.30: Arrive back at home, work on lectures, collaboration or read something about science. Alternatively do something hobbyish.
10.00: Go to bed.
10.30: Be asleep.

How my day usually goes:

7.30am: Get up, get ready.
8.00: Drive to car pooling person's house, drag out of bed and convince to go to uni (he lost enthusiasm long ago), train hawk, lose track of time.
9.00: Leave for uni.
9.30: Arrive at uni; make cup of tea.
9.45: Check emails, respond to them, check facebook, learn about something that is as interesting as it is irrelevant to my study.
10.00: Beat self up for not working. Make another cup of tea.
10.15: Meet someone in the hallway and chat. Remember I have to talk to someone else as well.
10.45: Realise time and beat self up for not working. Make another cup of tea.
11.00: Do a bit of work.
12.00: Lunch starts.
1pm: Friend wants to catch up, has crisis/exciting news/is visiting town and will be gone tomorrow.
2.00: Check email and facebook, realise the time and beat self up for not working.
2.15: Do a bit of work. Panic about how much I have to do and the prospect of falling behind. Welcome interruptions from people. Complain to them that I'm not working enough and they tell me they are also unproductive. Must be weather/ time of day/ day of week/ time of year.
4.00: Depressed at lack of progress. Procrastinate with anything.
5.00: Decide to leave uni and work at home.
5.30: Make dinner.
6.00: Flatmate gets home. Chat, eat, watch TV series.
10.00: Go to bed.
10.30: Realise how much of today was wasted. Beat self up for not working. Panic about falling behind. Try to work out where today went wrong. Recite priorities. Resolve to do better tomorrow. Work out what I will do tomorrow, exactly.
12.00: Fall asleep.

NB: There are always a few of these days, then one super productive day. Apparently this is normal. Why? I like my work. Why do I avoid it so much? I think because it is labelled as work, and everyone hates work.

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