Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Proposal complete

After three months of writing, a few hours arguing with Microsoft Word, and a few more hours remembering why I hate printers so much, I handed in my proposal today. Now it will be assessed. Like most things I write it is way too long, but my supervisors did not seem to have a problem with that (they seemed to think my proposal is good, which is encouraging), so I'll see what happens.

Now I have to plan my field trip, which begins on the 9th March (in theory - I have to give a seminar on my proposal first, which might delay things). I will start off around Banks Peninsula, collecting in the many locations where Cantuaria have been found (mostly C. dendyi). Then I'll head south through Otago and Central Otago, take a couple of days out to go to a conference, visit Southland and Stewart Island, then up through the West Coast to Nelson and Golden Bay. A brief stint in the North Island will be followed by a return trip via Marlborough. Some species I won't be able to find, so I will put out pitfall traps to check during my second, briefer field trip in June.

Should be good!

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